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November - December 2016

Get Recognized !

Dear Panda Family,


Success stories must be publicized and celebrated.  Whether it is for academic excellence or  an act of kindness, 3 students will be officially recognized each time the Panda News newsletter is published.  We decided to pick one student from each grade level and academy. We have three stars for this edition; Introducing Valerie Corral, an 8th grader (STEAM), who has dedicated her skills and readiness in assisting our OV community. Valerie is very active in assisting student leadership team.  Way to go, Valerie! We are proud of you! Diego Herrera, a 7th grader  (Humanitas), has been highly regarded by his teachers as a student who strives for excellence in academics and citizenship. John Martinez (SUCCESS) helped a classmate for more than a month; he was observed carrying  his friend’s bag pack from class to class every day. Thank you, John!


Deigo Herrera

John Martinez

Valerie Corral


Restorative Justice Update

Olive Vista Middle School is fully embracing the Restorative Justice philosophical framework. We have trained 9 staff members and are working with 22 classroom teachers to implement the Community Building circles, a tier I intervention designed to establish connections and build empathy amongst all our stake holders. We have begun to work with our parent center, modeling community circles during "coffee with the principal", next month we will hold our parent meeting in the Restorative Justice classroom. We are beginning to see our hard work pay off with student-led anti-bullying campaigns and alternatives to suspension disciplinary measures engaging students in the necessary work of "making it right" when a harmful behavior has occurred. We are proud of you Pandas! Remember, the better we know each other, the better we treat each other, let's continue to build community and make every day a great one!


Panda Pride Song Available for Download

Congratulations! We now have our own Olive Vista song— The Panda Pride. Please visit our website and download the song. Check the lyrics; if you have any questions about the lyrics, see Mr. Melikyan. If you learn the song and want to sing it with your own voice— see Mr. Melikyan. There is a way to record your vocals right here at Olive Vista Middle School. The best performances will win exciting prizes. See Mr. Melikyan for details.


Click HERE to download song.


MUSIC AND MATH; Are they Connected?

There is much evidence that supports the positive effects of music on one's ability to do math. Most research shows that when children are trained in music at a young age, they tend to improve in their math skills. The surprising thing in this research is not that music as a whole is enhancing math skills. It is certain aspects of music that are affecting mathematics ability in a big way. Studies done mostly in children of young age show that their academic performance increases after a certain period of music education and training. One particular study published in the journal 'Nature' showed that when groups of first graders were given music instruction that emphasized sequential skill development and musical games involving rhythm and pitch, after six months, the students scored significantly better in math than students in groups that received traditional music instruction.


Music at Olive Vista



Mr. Zeh puts his talent in teaching students to play a musical instrument. A seasoned musician, Mr. Zeh knows that learning to play an instrument has moments that can easily frustrate anyone; he encourages students not to give up!


Ms. Chacon, one of our 6th grade teachers, has undertaken the responsibility to oversee the Glee Club. Students across all grade levels have embraced the idea to participate in it. Their excitement is easily noticed before and after practice.  We look forward to their premier performance!






Admin Corner

The Holidays are coming! We all anticipate this time of the year; we worked hard to accomplish our goals! Students, please take a moment to thank your teachers for all the efforts that they invested in your education and upbringing. Together with your parents/guardians, teachers play a pivotal role in holding your hand throughout the challenging situations in life. Always be thankful that you are surrounded by many adults who are willing to help you succeed. Do your best in your classes; always thank your family members for their support.



An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
~Benjamin Franklin




The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
  ~ Aristotle