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March 2016

The First One - OV Newsletter

Dear Olive Vista Family, this is our first newsletter of the year. We have committed to publish one per month. The newsletter will serve as an additional opportunity to communicate with our school community. Please feel free to share your ideas with us if you have materials to be considered for publishing.


School Safety


In order to ensure the safety of staff and students, all LAUSD schools conduct a variety of  monthly drills. We will conduct our next Earthquake/ Evacuation drill on March 18, 2016, during 2nd period. We would like to thank our students for their orderly and timely evacuation during the drill conducted in February. A BIG “Thank You” to our parents and staff members for their leadership during this process. Proper preparation is key to survival when it comes to emergency situations in life. To ensure our student and staff safety, we conduct daily random metal detector and locker searches.  Students are randomly chosen and searched. After the search a note is given to the student notifying their parents that he/she was searched during a given period.


When it comes to safety, it is very important that teenagers follow directions from  trusted adults. During our monthly publications we will introduce you to some important personal safety tips. This month’s issue will address Internet Safety.


Principal’s Corner

I am hopeful that this newsletter will provide you yet another means to receive important information about the happenings at Olive Vista.  In addition to this newsletter, we communicate to you via our websites- http://olivevistams-lausd-ca.schoolloop.com and https://sites.google.com/site/ovsteammagnet/, Blackboard Connect phone messages, and flyers.  You can also follow me on twitter @Mr_Wright_11 where I will post updates and articles for parents, teachers, and students.


Much of our communication depends on you providing the school with accurate and updated contact information.  This allows us to communicate with you and your designated contacts in case of emergency and to share with you important information about your child’s academic progress.  Please contact the school immediately if there has been a change of phone number or address and to verify that we have your current contact information.  I also encourage you to list an active email account as many messages are also sent via email.


Our ability to stay connected greatly increases the web of support that is provided to each Olive Vista student.  I would like to thank those parents who attended our last  Coffee with the Principal on Friday, March 4, where we had a special guest speaker.  The title of the presentation was “Psychological First Aid for Parents and Students” which covered assisting students through crisis situations.   We hope to schedule a follow up training that will be provide additional support to students and families.


Rodney Wright, Principal


We Say “No” to Bullying

Bullying is any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act or conduct, including electronic communications committed by a pupil that has, or can be reasonably predicted to have the effect of one or more of the following:

¨ Reasonable fear of harm to person or property,

¨ Substantially detrimental effect on physical or mental health,

¨ Substantial interference with academic performance,

¨ Substantial interference with the ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities, or privileges.


General Statistics

According to National Center for Educational Statistics, one out of every four students (22%) report being bullied during the school year. 64 percent of children who were bullied did not report it; only 36 percent reported the bullying. 19.6% of high school students in the US report being bullied at school. The new type of bullying nowadays is considered cyberbullying. Other than direct threats, children often post derogatory remarks and direct threats to other children without even realizing that what is posted on the internet does not disappear even if one clicks on the “delete’ button. 14.8% reported being bullied online. 90% of teens who report being cyberbullied have also been bullied offline. Cyber abuses are carried out by cyber-bullies. This is a unique form of abuse that occurs online or through cell phones in the form of derogatory messages, bashing websites, hacking, posting mean comments, posing as someone else in order to receive personal/private information. Often bullying targets are students with special needs. For example, The National Autistic Society reports that 40% of children with autism and 60 percent of children with Asperger’s syndrome have experienced bullying. It is very important that students understand that bullying hurts, and it can lead to some serious consequences for both the victim and the perpetrator. Just ask a simple question to yourself; “Would I appreciate if someone called me names, posted offensive remarks about me, or harassed me?” Obviously, you would not like it. It is important that you express your firm stand against any kind of bullying.

Important Internet Safety Tips

· Never give out personal information about yourself or your family (address, location, name, age, school, telephone number).

· When in chat rooms, social networking websites and even instant messaging, remember that not everyone is who they say they are. Predators can post fake names, information and pictures (someone claiming to be a 14 year old boy could be a 47 year old man).

· Predators will even post a fake picture to pretend to be someone else. Therefore, do not plan to personally meet anyone you have met on the internet without first checking with your parents, as you could put yourself in grave danger.

· If someone harasses you online, walk away from the computer, do not respond. Tell your parents and contact your internet service provider.

· Predators attempt to lure people your age through the use of the internet. This is a danger to your personal safety and precautions should be taken.


Olive Vista's Student of the Month Program

Each month teachers select one student from one of their classes to recognize for  model citizenship, academic excellence, or marked improvement.  Students are awarded with certificates and pins, have their pictures displayed in the front of the school, and are recognized in our daily morning announcements. 

And the winners for period 6 Student of the Month are…

Amariliz Alfaro,   Mandeline Arguelles,   Luz Arias,   Samantha  Barragan,   Betbirai Cervantes,   Jairon Chavez,   Elijah Cooper,       Violetta Espinoza,   Alyssa Estrada,   David Fierros,   Richard Gonzalez,  Mario Hernandez,   Evelyn Jauregui,   Diana Jimenez,   Lisbeth Leon,    Miguel Liborio,   Adilene Lopez,   Humberto Martinez,   Louie Martinez, Ulyses Moreno,   Maria Muro,   Michael Ornelas,   Cesar Ortiz,   Daniel Panameno,   Jenny Perez,   Edwin Purnell,   Juan Carlos Quezada, Anahi Rodriguez,   Ray Ruiz,   Karla Sanchez,   Kristina Schiller,       Gabrielle Vinzon,   Savannah Westphal,   Benjamin Ybarra, and  Victor Guevarra.